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I had the honour of meeting Lesia Maruschak in 2010 when I was working for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada and Lesia was a participant in our Ottawa Light The Night Walk.  In a community walk with over a thousand people, Lesia was not someone that you could forget.  Her enthusiasm and passion for the cause exuded in everything she did and was infections.  Her support and commitment to finding a cure for blood cancer is unwavering.  She is what I call a one of a kind woman.  Someone when you get to  know her, you want to be her friend and help in whatever way you can.  Lesia always asked the question, “Why can’t all the money go towards a cure?”, and this is what she has created.  In cure: blood cancer, Lesia’s goal of 100% of public funds going toward research is what will take place.  You, as a donor, can be rest assured that this talented group of volunteers that have been brought together by Lesia, are working diligently to make this possible.  With individuals like Lesia and groups like cure:blood cancer, I am assured that we’ll see a cure in my lifetime.”

It is my honour to recommend Lesia Maruschak and her foundation cure: blood cancer.
Roula Dimitrakopoulos

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Cure: Blood Cancer